Our services

The work done over the years has led Novac to develop a 360-degree know-how in the world of energy storage. Learn about the services offered by the team.


At its Modena headquarters, Novac offers the following services:

  • Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of battery and supercap materials.
  • Selection of active materials for battery electrode and supercap construction.
  • Design and sizing of energy storage systems, focusing on coupling supercap with standard battery systems or with innovative systems, such as fuel cells.
  • Design, sizing, and component selection for electronic projects.
  • Design of storage systems for energy harvesting applications, such as photovoltaic systems.
  • Advice on the use of batteries, supercaps, different chemistries and their coupling.
  • Prototyping and 3D printing using various technologies (FDM, DIW, ..) of small components and realization of custom designs.
  • Ad hoc design development for motorsport applications. Battery pack optimization, including through the integration of supercaps with the aim of increasing maximum power output and reducing weight and bulk.


  • Hydrothermal reactor
  • Vacuum furnace
  • Blade coater
  • Cycler
  • 3D Printers